And you will dimensional domain names is of great interest primarily maybe not because of just what they are, but what they could consist of

The new talk out of dimensions is always to in fact become in the dimensional domains, perhaps not throughout the dimensions, as just one measurement in itself is worthless beyond getting area out-of a scientific design getting observance and you can aspect. Beginning with this new mathematicalogical invariants receive in the relationship between the earliest four dimensional domain names of space and day, the fresh triadic invariances regarding dimensionality will be tracked up throughout the dimensional website name of your littlest quantum off truth on logical patterns out of understanding, or down regarding the logical patterns off consciousness, back again to the dimensions of time and space. This really is done playing with Fermat’s types of unlimited lineage interpreted towards statistical notation of your CoDD. Select Transcendental Physics, Close (1997)

Truth even as we experience they, includes quantized symptoms of the essence out-of reality from inside the around three forms: size, time, and awareness-as-blogs

Defining the brand new statistical functions of your number one quantum calculus regarding dimensional variations is a complex activity, nevertheless the root metaphysical base of your own calculus plus the resulting construction away from facts that their application suggests, would be revealed from inside the simple English:

Size are squeezed energy, when it comes to quantized vortexes rotating when you look at the about three proportions, mentioned from the strength of their inertia (resistance to motion). Energy is a condensed style of consciousness, counted by the the quantized push, similar because of the an effective multiplicative factor, toward quantized inertia out-of bulk.

Quantized consciousness (gimmel) ‘s the very first manifestation of the fresh new conscious substance out of reality in the this new actual world, and it is ready extension while the conveyance away from activities of your logical construction from Number one Consciousness, the substrate from reveal truth, to the physical truth

Place, day, and you may aware the amount certainly are the around three forms of dimensional domains authored of the existence off quantized bulk, opportunity, and you will conscious posts. Delight observe, as to what was just said more than, you to consciousness takes on an option part on extension off both content and the amount. It is in this way you to definitely way of living bacteria is actually developed by First Consciousness for the intended purpose of operating as the vehicle contained in this and that quantized understanding can develop because of the worry about-energy regarding the uncovered focus on care about or other, in order to Cosmic Understanding, the whole attention to everything you, and Top Awareness by itself.

Size is very easy geometrical basics. They are straight outlines, created for the intended purpose of symbolizing the spot and the amount regarding observable phenomena on location out-of a basically random source part selected from the an aware observer. But the site part is not actually arbitrary; it stands for the fresh new observer’s personal place, in line with the feeling of breakup from observable phenomena, estimated outside of the observer’s consciousness on to a layer of papers given that zero point out-of an analog make of the fresh observer’s personal body type out-of site in the dimensional website name from their lifetime about bodily facts away from their experience. You might have to see you to definitely once more to know most of the keyword, but it is a very in depth malfunction of the very effortless idea of place.

An enthusiastic letter-dimensional domain name was a neighbor hood of great interest and focus off an excellent aware observer, laid out by the quantity of size as well as the content out of the location thus defined. In a site of a couple of size, new dimensional traces is actually developed at ninety-training basics away from one another. The option of 90-degree direction separation out of size is not random or arbitrary. It’s picked as it contributes to the smallest amount of straight-line cardinal size just as splitting a group and you will a world. Almost every other perspective from separation produces quantification and you will visualization of the fact represented even more hard. Outlines intersecting during the 90 degree are known as orthogonal contours.

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