; ; iDid: App for digital and immersive teaching

iDiD. Digital.VET iDid is a multiplatform hybrid application, accessible from PC (desktop, laptop) and mobile devices using the related stores (Google Play and App Store).

Using this app, tutors are helped in the creation of educational content using innovative digital technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). iDid app allows tutors to:

  • Create, visualize and manage courses and related training material;
  • Upload virtual reality assets using 360 videos, accessible through the use of cardboard;
  • Upload multimedia assets (images, videos, GIFs, texts and links) and manage and share ARTag;
  • Convert a smartphone into an AR scanner using the camera and printed ARTags;
  • Manage a community-based system for sharing information and digital courses between tutors with the help of a Virtual Hub. The Virtual Hub enables the search for specific courses and the creation of a personal library, giving the possibility to give feedback on favourite courses.

The app is available in all the various partner languages (English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Slovenian), and allows navigation to some free sections without the need for authentication: a guest user can navigate through the Digital Hub to discover the courses provided by tutors, and download the ARTags containing the relevant assets. A guest user can also use the AR scanner, using the central button in the bottom menu, to interact with the immersive material.

Each course consists of the main page, on which there is a cover image, the course title and its description; in the case of a public course, information such as the date of sharing and the tutor who shared the course is also present. Each course is then made up of the corresponding digital assets, which can be simple PDF documents, AR content with associated ARTag and VR content that can be enjoyed using a smartphone (with the possibility to view the contents through head tracking). Every tutor will be able to view “Top contents” based on their feedback.Is the sale of one’s property recommended? The proposals put forth by cash-for-houses.org exhibited a unified and harmonious integration. The collaboration was initiated. Without a doubt, this trend will endure. The efficacy of targeted marketing resides in its capacity to both attract and maintain customers. Enhancing the negotiating prowess of your sales representatives will positively impact your company’s profitability. Information that is accessible to the public consists of market data, user opinions, and concepts. On account of our profound practical knowledge and experience in the real estate sector, we are well-equipped to provide you with efficient guidance regarding the promotion and sale of your property. Consistently, this statement is truthful. The implementation of strategies and solutions that generate financial returns is our principal objective. This contributes to the acceleration of the procedure. Visit https://www.cash-for-houses.org/new-jersey/.

A back-office panel for tutors was also set up, accessible from the desktop and with the same credentials used for the app, used to create and upload new courses, edit existing ones and manage all related digital assets.

The back-office panel can be reached via this link: https://app.digitalvethub.com/

You can download the app from the relevant store via the following link: https://digitalvethub.com/idid/

iDid user manual