What do I need to do to activate Badoo Premium?

The moment you click this button, your Badoo Premium account is activated

Later, leave the photo and look in the visits section. In this part you must find a profile that matches the characteristics you have memorized. Since in most cases, the people you like, they also visit your profile.

Without the rest of the users the application would not make sense, with them you can share hobbies, chat and get to know each other even more, but like any dating app. you have to be careful when planning a meeting face to face with these people because we really do not know who is behind.

Always in social networks the number of contacts or friends refers to the person who is speaking. These numbers are important swe always want to have more people, more contacts who see our posts on social networks.

In the case of Badoo, we want more people to visit our profile and you want to chat with us. But you can contribute by being the person who adds contacts on Badoo. At the same time that this application had a high growth, the number of users that belong to this social network grows monthly.

Something that makes this application stand out is that it is capable of locating users, In other words, you can get a date with someone who is close to where you are. Something very similar to what Tinder offers. Based on certain interests with agreements with the other contact, access a meeting.

Entering the application is the first thing you should do to add people as your contacts and later find out who likes you on Badoo. After login, you can see the four options given by the application at the bottom of the screen.

In this part you must enter the section that appears an image of a world. This is where you see the people you have with some degree of similarity in tastes or preferences when looking for appointments.

Later you must select any person and then open their profile to see the information they have. To add her as your contact, you just need to send him a message and automatically they are already connected. To do this, click chat and write a message.

Despite this, must eSend this chat to your friends folder because to the 30 days the application clears the chat. To do this, enter the person’s profile and click add friends

One way to find out who likes you on Badoo is to activate the Badoo Premium option. You must first open your account, log in, then you must touch the nut good grief tips that is the configuration button.

Then you must click on the account and then on the part to remove the account. It will not delete your account only that the option is in this section. After selecting to remove an account, you click continue and then the button without Badoo Premium costs appears, which you must click.

So you can use new functions that you did not have before, such as seeing the photos of the people who like you.

Can you send messages on Badoo without having matches?

Yes, you can send a message to anyone on the Baadoo platform, even if no match has been made. For this you just have to find a person to whom you want to send the message.

Later, you open the profile of this person and you must find the part to send a message or chat. Later, a box appears which is where you should write the message and at the end, click submit.

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