How To Develop A Dating App Like Tinder?

Modern technology has changed people’s lives in a lot of great ways. It made everything accessible to them with just a click of a button, and it is not just they can book a taxi while sitting at the comfort of their homes but also allow people to find dates while not going out. The popular dating apps come as a boon for shy or introverted people or those who don’t like going out too much. These apps ensure that being introverted or not being very outgoing won’t affect the chances of finding a good match.

The ease and comfort coming with these online dating apps are why more and more people today are going online to find a partner. These chats and dating apps are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, and if you are someone looking to build your Tinder-like app, then this blog can be helpful for you.

Dating Mobile App Market Size Statistics

Some market research stated that more than 27% of committed relationships are starting via the internet today. Around 40 million people are using dating apps and websites worldwide, while the yearly revenue of all the dating apps is about $2 billion. Presently enjoying the spot of the numero uno dating app, Tinder has more than 50 million users around the globe, whereas 60 percent of it comes from the United States. Tinder’s total worth at the moment is approximately $1.6 billion.

So with the market of dating market constantly growing, there lies a great business opportunity for those wanting to create a dating app, and the timing is just right. It is a good idea to look up to the success attained by Tinder. So, let’s first start by understanding Tinder, what it is and how it works.

Tinder Mobile App An Overview

This online dating app matches the couples based on their physical attraction. It alerts its users to other Tinder app users falling within a specified age range gender and who are within a specified distance of their location. It allows lets them know whether they share any mutual friends. If a user likes a person’s profile, they can show interest, and if there is no interest, the user will never know. When both users are interested, they can engage via messaging function that offers a private chat thread to interact and get to know one another better.

To start using Tinder, install it from App Store or Google Play, available for free for Android and iOS users. Earlier, a Facebook account was required for signup; however, post the Cambridge Analytica scandal, now Tinder allows the option to make an account with just using a phone number. However, creating an account by just using a phone number prevents the users from using some app features, like uploading pictures directly from Facebook and showing mutual friends or Likes with another Tinder user.

How To Use Tinder?

It is a simple app-to-use, as it requires simply installing by setting up an account or logging in from the Facebook profile. Then mention the age range and gender of people you would like to meet and how far you are willing to travel to meet them. Then Tinder finds people who match that criterion, and it then places cards on the user screen showing a large picture of that matched person. They can tap on that picture to view a short description that the user has written and more photos. Below that picture, a heart icon and a cross are present. The user can tap the heart when likes the other user of tap cross if they don’t. Or swipe right when they want them or left when they don’t; when a user likes someone who also appreciates that user, Tinder tells that a match has been made and opens a simple messaging functionality.

As a Tinder user, everyone is required to fill their profile. Also, some information Tinder pulls from the users’ Facebook profiles, such as their education and job; however, one can choose what to display and write a short bio of themselves. They must select a few pictures to be uploaded on the app; however, they can also pull these from the Facebook account or their phone’s image library. Tinder also offers Smart Photos features, which, when users activate, will constantly assess how favorably people responded to each photo on their profile. Then it automatically orders to get the most popular image to appear first, leaving no guesswork for which picture looks best. Users can also choose to link their Tinder to Instagram and Spotify. The Instagram app will show the most recent Instagram pictures on the profile, whereas Spotify shows some staple songs.

Useful Tinder App Statistics

In 2012, the Tinder app was founded in Hatch Labs, a startup incubator run by InterActive Corp. The match-making app algorithm was designed by Sean Rad (former CEO Chairman) and Justin Mateen (former CMO). Initially, Tinder was trialed in a series of USA college campuses, and then it was launched fully to attain great success making 350 million swipes per day by late 2013, which is 4000/second. By the end of 2014, it reached one billion swipes per day. Until 2015 it was a free app. However, it introduced a premium subscription model that year with additional features, like Tinder Plus. Later in 2017, it went to the third level with Tinder Gold, where even one-off in-app purchases could be made. Since then, Tinder has grown more extensive in the modern dating arena. Despite massive competition from Badoo in Europe and Bumble in the USA, the app remains the most popular dating app.

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