Active listening abilities are the easiest method to become more sympathetic. When actively listening, you should be able to repeat what has just been spoken. As you improve your active listening abilities, you’ll realize that end-users will give you almost all you need to know to solve their problem. This not only increases empathy but also allows you to acquire more knowledge while asking fewer questions. IT professionals who choose to be patient with themselves and others are better equipped to swiftly get to the bottom of problems and discover solutions. To be more patient, keep in mind that your end customers are not as technically savvy as you are.

  • Being able to learn new things quickly, as technology is constantly changing.
  • Help desk analysts are on the frontline of providing remote support.
  • To recap, aspiring help desk analysts might find work with just a high school diploma and some experience, but many employers seek analysts who have some post-secondary education in a field such as computer science.
  • Humility and the capacity to accept constructive criticism from peers are required for a readiness to learn.
  • Help desk personnel regularly work with other IT experts to resolve end-user concerns.

They can also opt in to share their information directly with top employers hiring for IT jobs, including Walmart, Sprint, Cognizant, Hulu, Bank of America, Google and many more. So those who successfully help desk engineer complete this program have a direct route to get their info into the hands of these employers. People struggle to move past their entry-level positions because they don’t have a good plan to do so.

Other Help Desk Skills You Should Learn

Additionally, if tickets are actually elevated to higher-level agents, reports detailing the troubleshooting that has already been tried are essential. Though it may seem indirect, this is indeed another sign of someone who’s an organized and efficient team member.

The salary of a help desk technician can vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the company they work for. Help desk technicians who have more advanced technical skills may also earn more than those with less experience. This IT help desk certification program is a low-risk, low-cost way for people to gain the skills they need to get a well-paying entry-level job in the IT support field. I’m currently back in school to finish my bachelor’s degree but I still am unable to break through. When I do interview, I don’t have the “right” kind of networking experience. I have worked as a 1099 IT contractor, replacing networking equipment, running cables and troubleshooting.

What You Need to Know to Become a Help Desk Specialist

Paul is an IT Professional with over 11 years of experience currently working with various Federal Agencies in the United States as a Network Administrator. Omar is a Computer Science graduate with several certificates from Cisco (CCNA, CCNA-Voice, CCNA-Wireless, CCNP) & Microsoft (MCSA & MCP).

Many specialists feel good about being able to help computer users solve problems. Technicians know that their role is vital to the operations for the companies where they work. A Chicago law firm advertised for a help desk analyst with a bachelor’s degree in business or computer science, as well as 3 years of experience in user support.

Become versed in the full stack of networking technologies

Now, there might be some exceptions here and there, but if you really want to make it far in the industry, you should treat entry-level positions as a means to an end. Sure, it’s great if you’re just starting out and need to get some experience but, expecting to have a lucrative and fulfilling career in it is delusional.

Large companies in most major industries (telecommunications, manufacturing, etc.) employ help desk analysts, and many analysts are employed directly by specialized IT firms. Help desk technicians can stay ahead of this trend by learning new skills that will make them more valuable to employers. This may include training in areas such as software development or project management. In addition, help desk technicians should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve the customer experience, so that they can remain a vital part of the business. A help desk analyst is an IT user support professional who helps users resolve issues with computer hardware or software. Often working remotely, they will respond to user inquiries about hardware or software issues, assess the situation and help resolve the issue. Many times, help desk analysts will use screen sharing software or remote access software to work through the user’s problem in real time.

What is a support help desk?

You want to move up the industry and eventually hold a top IT position. You’re always looking to get an edge on everybody else, or hunting for the next trend so you can jump on it before everyone else.

how to become it help desk

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