Each partner has identified a local civic need and a group that will engage in the detailed work

PROJECT TITLE: Civic Literacy and European Awareness for Minority Groups Project description The project aims is to built, on the European Citizenship concept, a “toolkit” for improving capacity of a range of people, socially and economically disadvantaged, that have suffered loss of self esteem chatstepprofiel zoeken and self worth due especially to their status of “minority” (ethnic, religious). This “label” and are increasingly in danger of isolation even within their own societies and became a serious obstruction in their self development and civic involvement. Activities will include training sessions in personal development – in each partners’ country – and demarches for public involvement – in different ways each partner chooses: music and drama shows, public debates, communicating traditional skills and family learning outdoor and indoor actions.The educational approach will be experiential in a non-formal and informal context exploring and using the existing skills and talents of the participants & developing, as necessary, appropriate new skills.The project provides, in each partner context, flexibility to develop appropriate action and allow participants with a range of identified needs, to develop managerial capacity both of the project and of their own personal needs and requirements.

Target group: staff of NGOs or other structures working with older people

PROJECT TITLE: EDUCATION IN MOUNTAINS – MONTAINS IN EDUCATION Project description Mountain are sensitive area in environment (influencing the geographical lands around); in many countries they represent also a problem of “heritage” but a defavourised area too. Mountains ecosystems are influenced by inhabitants, seasonal people (workers) and “visitors”.Project aims:- help institutions to develop educational tools for people in mountains communities; find how to use mountain specificity as learning resource (raising people interest for education, using non-formal tools)- share experiences in order to offer further training for people who can influence mountain area (authorities, multiplicators – including tourism Clubs). This will help people in disadvantaged area to better use their resources, new technologies etc., preventing also seasonal people and “visitors” to jeopardise the specific mountain nature and culture. It will also explore new possibilities to educate people with difficulties in formal education system.The partners will collate their good practices obtaining general guidelines in introducing mountain issues (protected area, Local Agenda 21, working with rural communities in non-formal ways) in the educational process, with a functional role outside partnership.

Environment / sustainable development Learning opportunities for people at risk of social marginalisation Teaching basic skills for adult learners Coordinating institution

The findings and materials will be diseminated through relevant workshops, written and multimedia materials and virtual space (ITC)

PROJECT TITLE: “Competencies for Seniors in Action” Project description Background: Ageing has a significant impact on the social perception of a person, creating a context which often places seniors in disadvantaged positions. In their effort to keep a balance for the situation, the NGOs which assumed missions on this matter have to face the lack of funds and the isolation from other contacts that could nurture their need of learning and exchange experiences.The project “Competencies for Seniors in Action” aims to create a strong partnership ready to cope to offer a solution for this matter, developing the capacity of the structures working with older people, to be more active and efficient in their communities and wider, at European level.Main activities:- Capacity building training courses in computers, fundraising, writing and implementing projects (introduction in Grundtvig Programme) and foreign language courses for the target staff. – stimulate the cooperation between the target organizations: participation at the international meetings and workshops organized within the project- opportunities to establish contacts, discover cultural values, define common domain of interest, identify the ways of working together and sharing experiences.The main result: the draft of a new international project created by the target groups, underlying the force of involvement of older people in community-level actions and wider.

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